The painful Visa route!

We started our Visa route with the Austrian Embassy who chased us away to get everything on internet and to make an appointment. All we wanted to ask was information but so….. we made via internet an appointment for Thursday morning 9.25 which was accepted. Next was the Ethiopian Embassy where the “Keeper of the Gate” very friendly told me to “Go away”….Go away, come back 1.30. Now Go away”.  So 5 minutes past 1 we arrived and stayed in the Hilux until we saw that other people were gathering in front of the gate.  When I stood in front of the gate the friendly gatekeeper said “No-no not coming in….nobody here….not arrived yet”.  So after another 10 minutes standing in the Pretoria sun, we decided to try another day. Next was the Sudan Embassy where a very friendly gatekeeper invited me into a small office where a very friendly Sudanese  man gave me the necessary application form (one) and gave me the info on how to do the application for the visa.

We also had a very painfull experience with our bank that changed, stopped and blocked certain cards after they insisted that we inform them about all the countries we are going to visit after we asked for Bank Statements for the Visa Application. Another day gone:-(

Heleen came over from Johannesburg with the Gautrain to join us for a visit to my twin sisters that stays in Pretoria. Her dad had to take some goodies out of the bakkie for her to sit in the back:-) She sqeezed in between the fridge and the door in the tiniest space! We had a lovely morning with Cora at her beautiful house in a Golf Estate in Centurion. Arno initially was going to service the Hilux at Wernher’s place but decided to join the girls for the day. We had lunch with Willie & Annette at there beautiful house in Waterkloofrif. Willie is our unofficial DJ downloading some of his favourite music onto our flash drive

Cora, Arno, me and Heleen

Willie & Annette



We made an appointment with the Austrian Embassy for 9.25 on Thursday (to get info!) We were finally helped at 11:00. To make a long story short, after another hour of trying to find out how we can apply using our second passports, we decided to try again in Nairobi for the Schengen Visa. We then tried the Ethiopian Embassy again. This time I had a very welcoming greeting from my friendly Gatekeeper who told everyone that would listen that they must give the “white lady that came back” a huge welcome:-):-) At a window I received the application forms for the visa. So now we are finally on our way to get the applications in for the 2 Visas!

2 thoughts on “The painful Visa route!

  1. Dear Elize and Arno!
    Don’t get discouraged by anything or anybody and never give up! You will get where you want to be as long as you hold on to your dream :)!!!!
    Best of luck! Regards also from Domi,

  2. Hallo Domi & Zainab,
    Thank you for your encouragement! We are enjoying the excitement of what we are doing….even if its driving us crazy;- Luckily we finally gave in our applications for the Visas yesterday and it seems that (after trying 4 times) they are happy with it and we can pick up our Passports on Friday:-)) Where are you guys?

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Arno & Elize

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