Final Visa applications and then back to Johannesburg again

We went shopping for a Compressor. Arno made a huge study of about each and every Compressor in the whole Universe. We finally bought the ARB Compressor at Voetspore’s 4×4 Megaworld. Thank you Francois!!


The happy man with his compressor

The paperwork for the Ethiopian Visa is really impressive.  Each time there is another letter to write! Because we do not have access to a printer, it meant that we had to drive to an internet shop to print the letter to attach it to our application. Twice we had to do this!! It felt as if we already drove halfway through Africa although it is only up and down through Pretoria!! Finally the applications were accepted and now it is just to wait until we can pick it up…….Monday.


While we had to wait for the Visas, after the applications went into the mysterious corridors of the Embassies, we moved back to Naas & Heleen in  Johannesburg on Wednesday, to get hold of our sanity. Thursday evening Lina, the childrens landlord, invited us for a much needed 100% healthy dinner at her beautiful cottage behind the children’s house.


Heleen, Lina, Arno & Naas


An absolute FEAST!


Good company, good food and a glass of red wine……Winking smile


and Dad in the background not escaping yet into darkest Africa!

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