Pretoria my Home town.

Eretha, our daughter stays in Centurion.  We moved to her house on Friday to enjoy a leisurely and lazy weekend with her and her friend Vin.  Saterday morning we went to the opening of the new 4×4 Megaworld shop of Johan Badenhorst. Johan is well known for his program called “Voetspore” about travelling through and exploring Africa. We talked a while with Johan and Francois about our route.Voetspore

Voetspore Francois1

Sunday Vin played cricket at the Oval and we went with him and Eretha as his support team.The team’s mascot is little Misha.  Vin’s team won so after the game, the happy support team went to Vin and Eretha’s friends, Manasi and Adi’s house, for a delicious  Indian dinner. It was a real feast!


Krieket by die Oval

Arno with Vin, Eretha ,Adi, Manasi and Misha at the Oval

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