Lake Turkana-day 6, Sibiloi National Park to Omorato

We had an early start because we were driving through the Park and we by now know that it will be a hard long (rather slow) drive because of the baaaaaaad roads. We stopped at the Petrified forest for a while.





Also put in petrol from the yellow cans


Turkana life style


Kobus Wiese style trees


Huge termite mounts


The Turkana were mostly naked


The police post where they checked our Passports and receipts when going out of the Park. When driving from north to south, it is possible to drive next to the park without paying the fee.



Paparazi (Mamaratzi) photo’s of the Turkana people….they don’t like you to take photo’s


On arriving at Omorate the Immigration officer were very friendly and helpful. When we stopped in front of the office, I suddenly had a huge sugar attack and while the men were getting our Passports stamped, I sat on the steps before the office sweating and trembling with a heart that raced ……not feeling good at all. The Customs guy already left for home so we had to go back the next morning for our Carnet’s to be stamped and signed. The friendly Immigration officer were very concerned if I had a good nights rest AND a good meal because he was very worried about me.


We camped at Awassa’s brand new Lodge (not yet campsite) and paid 10USD per person. Cold showers in huge corrugated showers. We were too tired to cook…I made us a fruit salad, showered and fell dead in our tents! As previously said….Lake Turkana is not for the faint hearted!!



Nice new rooms with en suite at 100USD per nightDisappointed smile 



Barkley, Awassa’s nephew and manager of the lodge, is very proud about the TV’s in the rooms

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