Our first week in Ethiopia

We decided to have a short day not driving too far after our Turkana trip. We drove from Ormorate  to Turmi and camped at Mango Campsite. This was a real haven to recoup. We thoroughly enjoyed staying there. The weather was very nice, we braaied, baked and dried another batch of rusks, relaxed and enjoyed the environment. We stayed 2 nights and enjoyed the day off from driving.



Our campsite cost were 100Birr p.p or R70 p.p. Cold water showers….usableConfused smile


The way they get water out of the well!



A typical Turkana woman.


Asking money for every and anything……sad.


They loved it to be photographedSmile


and went for a bath in the riverbed after their photography session.

From Turmi, we drove to Arba Minch. The route took us trough the Omo Valley and after the rains the road was in a terrible state. It is rainy season in Ethiopia and we were surprised at how much rain we have to endure every day. We admit that it is a bit of a surprise and not really expected, making driving and camping extremely difficult.We also had our first experience with the children doing all sort of funny dancing moves to get money. They scream “Abba-Abba” so we asked them when we had to stop what it means and their answer were “give me”. From then on when they screamed Abba, we called back Abba which made them laugh.The traffic on the road were a real eye opener. Lots of people with their animals on the road making it really difficult to drive. We camped at Bekele Molo Campsite 100Birr p.p. or R110 per night. Shower not working, toilet fine. Only camped one night and had to pack away a very wet tent because of early morning rain. We could get Birr from the OTM at Daschen Bank and finally fill up with petrol witch  cost 19.45Birr per liter (R10.50), the cheapest yet. We enjoyed the great view over Lake Abaya, Lake Chamo and Nechisar National Park.





Woman and children are carrying everything! The little girl is not older than 6 years.




Using all available land to cultivate


Lake Abaya

Our next camp were at Karkaro Beach Camp, Lake Langano. We were still driving through the Rift Valley seeing the lakes that are strung like beads on a string. Lake Langano is the only crocodile free lake and safe for swimming but because of the heavy rains and the cold no-one even thought about swimming! The campsite is very nice but without ablution facilities. The toilet are a day’s walk from the campsite. We paid 90Birr per person and stayed only one very very wet night!  It started raining during the night and just kept on pouring. Luckily the sun came out for a short while after sunset and our tent dried off a little bit but we still had to pack a lot of damp equipment back in our bakkie.





The donkey is protesting!


85 Million people in Ethiopia and it seems they are all on the road with their animals!!


Lake Langano

1 thought on “Our first week in Ethiopia

  1. Lyk so nice! Dane mis julle vreeslik baie! Raak elke nou en dan aan die huil, tot ons eers weer verduidelik hoe lekker oumps kamp en 4×4! Dan smile sy weer! Mis julle, mooi ry! xxxxxxxxx

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