ArnizeGo2Africa is planning their ArnizeGo2Canada overland trip

So, we are busy planning our next overland adventurešŸ˜Š Rather I am. But Arno is also slowly getting excited about a road trip between Vancouver and Toronto. As always, is he the one that worries about the costs while I optimistically research and update him occasionally. An update on our lives since 2015 since my last blog.

We are still staying on the farm where we moved in after our Africa 2013 Overland trip. We are the proud owners of the Pam Golding Properties franchise in Malmesbury. Work hard and do our best to be the best estate agents in town. We now have 12 grandchildren. Heleen & Naas produced another little girl named Beatrice. Eretha and Vinay gave us another little boy grandchild named Neil. Naas & Heleen moved from Johannesburg to Yzerfontein in 2017 but moved beginning of this year to Gordonā€™s Bay about 80km from us. It is such a pleasure to have them and the two girls so near us. We visit them frequently to have fun together with them, Elizabeth and Beatrice.

Eretha and Vinay moved in a sudden and fast sequence of decisions to Toronto in Canada. I was privileged to fly out with them to Toronto to settle in and help with the grand kids. Arno was also supposed to go with but decided he will rather keep the ship sailing at office. We stayed for a month in an apartment in the middle of central Toronto overlooking the Torontoā€™s CN Tower. At night I hang dangerously far out of my bedroom window to show Arno the lights changing on the tower and let him hear from the balcony of the apartment the cheers from the Blue Jay supporters coming from the Rogers Centre. During the day while Vinay was at work, we explored the city and waterfront, walking hours with the children. For a South African used to Africa standards it was an eye opener experience. I will always be so grateful for the children that they took me with on their life changing adventure moving to Canada. Being there with them from the beginning of their stay, meant so much for me. Now I can see in my minds eye where they stay, work and the children go to school. It helps when the longing gets too much for momā€™s heart to bear.The rest of the family is busy with their daily lives. The grandkids are growing and getting bigger and wiser. Lucas and Petro are still staying on their farm near Caledon. They made it an amazing destination for weekend travellers. There are from camels to springboks, zebra to geese etcā€¦ā€¦a real animal farm! Little Luke (not so little anymore) is most definitely the farm managerā€¦…taking visitors on guided toursšŸ˜Š. The rest of the crowd are from the West Coast to the South coast. Luan is our Western Province kick boxing champion. Our daughter-in-law, Agnes, has started a new life for her, PJ and Vonna and is engaged to Marcel, getting married later this year. We are so happy for her and the kids. They frequently visit us, and they are going to the Kruger National Park together with us, Lucas, Petro and Luke during the July school holidays while Marcel and Agnes goes on honeymoon.

Our Canada adventure is (at this stage) planned for October 2019. At this stage it looks like this:

Flying from Cape Town to Seattle via London to visit Arnoā€™s family. From Seattle we would take the train to Vancouver to do some exploring and maybe visit a school friend of Arno on Vancouver Island. Then rent a Campervan and drive along the Trans Canadian highway to Toronto. En route we would like to visit Banff National Park and Jasper and enjoy the Rockies. This part is still an overland trip in the making. When we arrive in Toronto, we will have reached our target destinationā€¦.be with our children!!! Whatever we do or wherever we travel with them or without them from there, will be decided once there.

I am so excited about starting to write again and will keep you updated about our trip planning.

Random photo’s

Elizabeth and BĆ©atrice
Eating icecream in Gordon’s Bay
Luan, our kickboxing champion
Family time
Winter in Canada
Luke the farm manager
CN Tower in Toronto
Christmas time
12 Grand childrenšŸ˜…
Me and the kiddies in Toronto while mom is studying
Nightwalk with Eretha and the kids
3 of the camels
Farm stay in the Boland
Agnes and Marcel.
Our Canadian Super family
My favourite building in Toronto
Rogers Centre
Niagara Falls

2 thoughts on “ArnizeGo2Africa is planning their ArnizeGo2Canada overland trip

  1. Geniet die beplanning julle moet definitief Banff toe gaan en die dorp is n belewenis, daar naby is Lake louise, fantasties. Jasper is ook pragtig en uitsig van bo!

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