A year’s memorable moments

While travelling through the whole Continent of Africa, you are sometimes forced to wait and wile your time. Sometimes it is because of the absurd heavy traffic or a burst water pipe in the Centre  of Khartoum blocking the early morning traffic while you tried to rise early to get out of the city en route to the Ethiopian border post. I waited numerous times in the vehicle while Arno tries to change money at the bank or sitting in a queue at a petrol station. We once at the ferry crossing to Dar es Salaam from our campsite, sat for 2 and half hours in the queue for the Kigamboni Ferry to take us across to Dar es Salaam. The best past time for me was to take photo’s of people. I am not the worlds best photographer but wants to show you some of the people and moments captured over the months on the road. The photo’s starts from the beginning of our trip.IMG_5771

Three boys from different nationalities playing ball in Letaba camp, Kruger National Park not understanding  each others language. One from Mauritius speaking French, a Namibian boy speaking German and an Afrikaans speaking boy from South Africa.

Prawn seller at Areia Branca


Jan & Joey with their pet boerbok Bettie on their farm in Mozambique


We saw so many stray dogs right through Africa but this one broke my heart. He adopted me and even slept at night in front of our tent at Goody Villas at Inhassoro in Mozambique waiting for me outside the ablution block, He was badly mutilated.


Bapi, the brave demining expert welcoming us to his dangerous mine infested area in Mozambique


The friendly people starting the ferry  specially for us to  take us across the Shire river in Mozambique late in the afternoon when we thought no ferry is available.


The excited children in the village of Chief Tembe  where we had to stay the night after crossing the Shire river in Mozambique . They were like a Mexican wave while we were pitching the tent….coming forward and backwards as we worked . This was the night of the mosquito plague and where Arno got his malaria.


Chief Tembo from Tembo village in Mozambique near the Shire river who gave us permission to stay in his village.


Antony, our helper and interpreter that helped us out at Chief Tembo’s Village to organize our overnight stay.


Small boy in a dugout on Lake Malawi at Palm Beach


Dutch Overlanders playing volley ball with the locals at Cape Maclear, Malawi


Ruthie with her eldest daughter, son and very small twins. The daughter is 13 but she has to help her  mom with  the twins and the 2 other children. These babies are 10 months old but they look more like 2 months old. This was at Fat Monkeys, Cape Maclear, Malawi


Washing done in the Lake at Cape Maclear, Malawi


Overlanding Africa means meeting new friends from all nationalities and having an impromptu braai


Lucy the cute little daughter of Kananji, our friend in the Chembe Village, Cape Maclear. She loved to visit the Mzungus at their funny tent home


Baking our own bread. Cape Maclear, Malawi


In Africa big and small must help. Makuzi Beach, Malawi


My birthday cake surprise from Richard at Makuzi Beach, Malawi


Vicious but beautiful stray cat at Makuzi Beach, Malawi


2 cute 10 year olds guiding us to the waterfall at Livingstonia telling us their version of the history of the slave trade.

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