So here we are….back in Malawi.  En route between Iringa and Mbeya, the Hilux’s odometer turned over to 300000km!!! We had a small celebration with green tea and jam tarts in front of the truck, telling each other and the Hilux how a fantastic vehicle this is!!                                                                                                                                     


                                                                                                                                            IMG_1902                                                                                                                                             The border crossing was quick and easy on both sides. We camped at the Taj Motel Campsite where the ants moved in with us for the night! By now we are so used to Nairobi time that we naturally wakes at 4:00 in the morning and by six we hit the road. We camped at Hakuna Matata at Chilumba at the foot of Livingstonia for 2 nights. The owner is a South African guy by the name of Willie Louw. We could have a hot shower and there are actually mirrors in the ablution!!! We thoroughly enjoyed walking on the beach, looking at the sunrise and we finally found the Southern Cross again! We could make a real wood fire, braai steak, make roosterkoek and RELAX! We updated the blog in the Coffee Shop in Mzuzu and moved on to Makuzi Beach where we stayed on our way up north. Again it was like a homecoming with Richard welcoming us. It turned out that it was a  long weekend so we were part of a whole Afrikaans speaking colony of Lilongwe citizens and again a lot of local Dutch people.   We stayed at Makuzi for 3 nights working our way down south slowly but surely. We have after all a wedding in Pretoria in  December and wants to be there well in advance.

At this stage the plan is to go from Malawi to South Luangwa, Zambia and from there to Lake Kariba driving to South Africa and Pretoria through Zimbabwe. We are still enjoying the lake of stars though and the decision of which route we are taking home will be finalised at a later stage.  


Taj Motel where we and the ants stayed for 1500MK


Camping on sand again at Hakuna Matata


Taxis waiting for customers


Africa style bridgeSurprised smile



Washing our camping equipment after 3 months of rain and desert storms!



Lovely Makuzi beach



Relaxing after a hard day’s workWinking smile



Sunrise over Makuzi Beach



Camping at Emmanuels


Camping under our favourite Mango tree at Fat Monkeys


Beautiful Chembe Village


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