Jambo Tanzania

We left Kigali at 6 in the morning on the 1st of October. We were chasing the sun so decided to drive as far and as quick south as possible. Our goal was The Old Farmhouse 50kl outside Iringa towards Mbeya. We again had an easy border crossing between Rwanda and Tanzania. We were heading to Kahama where we wanted to overnight. When arriving at Kahama we stopped in front of the Kahama Motel and guess what happened……? The heavens opened and the rain came down in torrents. Within seconds, NOT MINUTES, the street were flooded. The downpour became less after 20 minutes (we were sitting in the truck)  We  jumped out in front of the Motels porch getting soaked to the skin in 5 seconds!! There we stood looking at the truck, not able to get to our things. After half an hour of torrential rain it suddenly stopped and we could get our bags out of the truck. We ordered chicken and chips from the restaurant. The chicken were one of those that were built for speed……. ! Arno enjoyed the chips though.The manager insisted that the price of the room includes breakfast although we told him we want to get away very early the next morning, but he insisted we wait for breakfast at 7. At seven the next morning we were ready to go and I asked a young man hanging around where we can get our breakfast. He took us to 2 chairs and a small table outside and told us to sit down. He brought a tray with 2 cups, a tin of coffee and a bowl of sugar. He then brought us each ONE minuscule samoosa….and that was breakfastI don't know smile. I must admit, it was a delicious samoosa. We thought it was hilarious. It was a long drive to Dodoma but because it is a newly tarred road, easy driving for the truck and driver. We stayed at the Ulanga Lodge opposite Toyota in Dodoma. We took our chairs, sat next to our truck and I cooked for us. It was our first dry evening in we can’t remember how long. We left Dodoma at daybreak the next morning with the wonderful memory of how nice it was to stay at The Old Farmhouse on the farm. when driving north. Dry, sunny, bushveld, typical Tanzania bush, francolin calling, birdcalls early in the morning, southern hemisphere stars like the southern cross……We could’nt wait to arrive there. After drawing money and downloading emails in Iringa we arrived at our campsite. It was as good as remembered except that it was heavily overcast and COLD!  Well, it seems that summer has not yet fully arrived here. Nights are cold, mornings are very cold till the sun burnt away the clouds when it is very nice. We bought fresh veggies here, stocked up with fantastic T-bones, chops and in general have a wonderful stay here.  We bumped into Rui and Jean that contacted us via the blog shortly after we started our trip. They wanted to get some info from us because they planned a similar route. It was real fun meeting up with them. We also met Richard and Sophie Morgan who is heading north and camped in Malawi with our friends Chris and Julie, Bonita and her husband with the Cruiser named Hotel California who we met at Lake Victoria, who is heading to Malawi. This means that there was a huge exchange of info from north to south and from east to west! Rui and Jean just said goodbye, heading towards Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Richard and Sophie said goodbye an hour ago heading towards Bagamoyo and Panganie and we are getting ready to braaiOpen-mouthed smile Later on we will fill up our water tank with fresh borehole water, start packing away most of our things and get ready to have an early start tomorrow trying to cross the Tanzania/ Malawi border fro the second time.

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