Gonder–the Camelot of Africa

The city of Gonder dates to the 17th century AD, when it was part of the Abyssinian empire, a capital city founded in 1634 by Emperor Fasilidas. Gonder is well known for its numerous beautiful castles with architecture derived in part from medieval Spanish and Portuguese traditions. It was a real privilege to stay for a day opposite the Royal Enclosure at the Fasil Lodge seeing the old stone wall, thinking about how they lived and loved back then. We had a rest day lying around in our room, me updating the blog, Arno looking TV, just relaxing. It was raining and quite cool, so we found our room very comfy and cosy.  I went on a tour to the Royal Enclosure while Arno opted out (he will rather do a rally through a desert than walk from castle to castleSmile 


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