Khartoum to Wadi Halfa–The Nubian Desert

Marene, our eldest granddaughter asked that we must take photo’s of us in front of the Pyramids in Cairo to show to her teacher. Because of the troubles in Egypt, we at this stage knew that this could not happen anymore although we still hoped to take the Ferry from Wadi Halfa to Aswan ourselves and leave the bakkie at Mazar in Wadi Halfa. We wanted to do a Nile trip from Aswan to Luxor. About 200km north of Khartoum are the Pyramids of Meroe. So Marene, this is the best we could do up to now.  Meroe was the southern capital of the Napata/Meriotic Kingdom that spanned the period 800BC – 350AD. Meroe was the base of a flourishing kingdom whose wealth was due to a strong iron industry and international trade involving India and China. So much metalworking went on in Meroe that it has even been called the Birmingham of Africa. The royal pyramids were what we wanted to visit. We were very excited about our campsite. We were all alone, wild camping in the desert,  overlooking the pyramids and the desert. We made our bed in the sand, braaied our last boerewors and had a fantastic night under the stars in the Nubian desert. We had a visitor on his donkey the next morning bringing his wares to sell. We bought the nicest presents for our granddaughtersLaughing out loud from this very nice boy.




See the Blue Nile in the background





VERY hot!!






Sleeping under the stars


Our Nubian salesman



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