Karibu Zanzibar

Arno booked a Tuk-Tuk for 8:00 to pick us up at the campsite. We wanted to go to Zanzibar on the 10.30 Ferry. The Tuk-Tuk deposited us at the HV Kigamboni Ferry which we had to  take to Dar es Salaam.  Poor Arno had to carry our bag on his shoulder and a small backpack all the way to the fast ferry port for 1.5km weaving through trillions of humans Wilted rose. I hugged my handbag and camera while walking behind him checking that no-one tries to open the backpack. It became quite a run because we still had to buy our tickets. We were JUST in time and got very nice seats on the undercover open deck. Luckily the sea was calm and the 2 hour trip was very nice. There are quite a lot of small islands with lodges on it, around Zanzibar and near the coast.



Our Tuk-Tuk (2000TS or R14)


The bigger MV Magogoni Ferry that took us across to Dar 2200TS for the Hilux and us but when you go over without a vehicle it cost 200TS per person (R1.35p.p)


There is a huge market on the Dar es Salaam side witch can be seen from the ferry portIMG_7385

This is only a small portion of the market and peopleSurprised smile


The fast Ferry …. Kilimanjaro 3 costing 150000TS return or $35 p.p one way.IMG_7135

Leaving Dar behind

We also saw lots and lots of Dow’s and boats with many (too many) fisherman’s on board



One can see the African shoreline for a very long time and only then realizes how big the City stretches along the coast. Then Zanzibar is visible on the horizon. We phoned our host at the guesthouse on route to make sure that he will pick us up at the harbour. Funny thing is that one has cellphone signals all the way from Dar to Zanzibar.  I even BBM’d the children to tell them about our whereabouts while on the Ferry.


Our first view of Stone Town from the ferry






6 thoughts on “Karibu Zanzibar

    • Thanks David,
      We are having so much fun although it is sometimes very tiring to drive. Roads VERY bad when they are bad. Very nice to hear from the gentleman;-)

      Kind regards,
      Arno & Elize

    • Nice to hear from you David. Masai Mara was a huge experience! Too tired to update the blog. Starting the Lake Turkana route tomorrow. Will do the update onroute.

      Kind regards,
      Arno & Elize

  1. Looks like you had a great trip! It is really inspiring to look at your blog. i have always wanted to go to Zanzibar, i have heard that the beaches should be of the worlds greatest and it looks like the people is very kind. i always wanted to go to zanzibar for their beaches but your pictures makes me want to discover more of the island and their culture. Thank you for the blog and dont stop posting 🙂

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