Short Update

The Printers Devil got hold of the post that Arno wrote about the trucks performance. (maybe he used my fingersWinking smile) What he meant was that the Hilux uses 350ml oil per 1000km.

When we left Palm Beach, Arno was complaining about symptoms similar to flue. We used a Malaria test kit to make sure if it is the beginning of a Malaria attack, but it showed negative. After another day at Cape Maclear of not feeling well, we decided for him to take Quartum and see what happens. We can declare him cured now. Luckily it was a very light attack of Malaria but now we know, if you feel that it could be Malaria…take the 3 day course of medicine! We are very thankful that it turned out well.


Our first sunset at Cape Maclear with Domwe Island on the left

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