Some technical facts about the Hilux’s performance on the trip up to now. (Arno speaking;-)

After the initial struggle to get a few small things done, there was a noise at the right front wheel after the wheel bearings were replaced. There were several opinions on what it may be, but after Jan inspected the wheel at Areia Branca, we decided that the two pins that held the brake shoes, were a little worn. I then decided to ignore the noise and after the terrible road between Caia in Mozambique and Bangula in Malawi, the noise disappeared.

Up to now the truck is behaving very well.  The snorkel is just an amazing piece of equipment.  After a day of dust driving, I took out the air filter and there was virtually no dust in it.  The other thing that works well are the air springs.  At this stage they are inflated to 3 bar and although I had hit a few bad holes on the road, the rear suspension never faltered.

The fuel consumption varies in accordance to the terrain and from where the wind is blowing.  If circumstances are good, the consumption varies around 8km/liter and if it is bad it falls to 6km/liter.  All in all I am quite pleasedSmile

The thing that concerned me most before the trip, was the oil consumption of the 4Y Toyota engine.  It consumed on average 750ml every 1000km.  This to me was a lot, but I was told that it is not abnormal for the 4Y engine.  I used Castrol GTX oil. Then  Domi and Zainab from Herbies World Tour ( ) visited us in Mossel Bay and I discussed the oil situation with Domi. He told me that he only uses full synthetic oil in his 1964 VW Beetle on his journeys. I decided to follow his lead and when I serviced the truck, I replaced the Castrol GTX with Castrol GTX Sport, a full synthetic oil.  The change was immediate.  The truck felt more smooth and after 7600km, the oil consumption is about 350ml. per 1000km. I am really impressed and thankful for Domi’s advice.


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