We heard about the campsite in Blantyre named Malo-a-Moya Secure camping run by Liz & Lawrie de Klerk. We previously always camped at Doogles but thought we will rather, because it is a weekend, stay with them. We were the only campers (again) and received a warm welcome from Lawrie. Liz was in Johannesburg helping their daughter recuperating after an operation. Malo-a-Moya is a missionary with classrooms, church, huge kitchen, a few rooms etc. Our stay there was like being at family or friends. They told us exactly where to get what, we bought airtime, shopped at Shoprite where the prices are good and bad. Certain things like veggies were not too expensive but we paid R16 per liter for long-life milk. Luckily we do not yet need any other supplies. We did buy meat though because that was really not expensive. We paid R48 per kilo for lean steak mince and R60 for steak. Ken of Food4Africa, who has his office at the Missionary, insisted on us using his dongle for internet to make contact with our children. Fantastic people doing good work! If you are looking for the Overland vibe, this is not the place to stay in Blantyre but if you prefer more tranquil surroundings, this is it. The only thing is that there were about 3 churches doing there thing as loudly as possible around the campsite. “Our” church was not so loud and they sang beautiful. I was hanging the washing on the line with the sound of “Let it Be” in Chichewa……..beautiful as only the Africans of Africa can sing in there harmonious voices. It was an experience that I will never forget. We won’t talk about the other 2 churches that as we say in Afrikaans” HOE LATER HOE KWATER!!” later on even changed to Gangnam Style and the one outside the gate started at 4:00 on Monday morning preaching nonstop until 8 although they stopped only at 12:00 Sunday nightCrying face.The one thing that I spend long hours sorting out in my mind, was how to bake rusks when ours are finished. We are so used to having it with our morning coffee and being on the road this is sort of our energy breakfast. We were very excited to note the ovens in the kitchen and while we were allowed to use the kitchen to do our dishes, we asked if we could use the oven as well. So, courtesy of Joey, Liz’s mom, (who I still owe my recipe), I baked the next batch of rusks that will probably hold until Nairobi where I hopefully will get the use of the next kitchen!  We stayed 3 nights, washing the truck, doing our washing, baked and cooked……and rest after our ordeal on the grand M1 routeConfused smile


We camped at R40 p.p per night


Baking and washingSmile


The “wash mans” product (I helpedWinking smile)


The “bakers lady’s” product. (Arno helped washing the tools afterwardsRed heart) I think Kellogg’s must make a distribution to our trip!!


View from the campsite and home of a hyena.


“Our” church

All and all, a very happy experience.

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