A taste of the real Africa (Part 2)

So here we were on the other side of the Shire river not knowing where to camp and by now it was ten past 5 in the afternoon with the most beautiful sunset, but dusk was on us. We drove for about 2km and by then we both new we had to do our first “bush camp” or rather Village camp. We stopped at a small village shop and with lots of hand language translated that we would like to camp for the night nearby his shop.  When he finally understood he said “nooooo problem (several times) but then arrived Antoni on the scene who could understand and speak a little English. We again asked for permission to camp nearby and he said “nooooo problem”. We asked about the Chief and getting permission from him and Antoni said “we now go to Chief’s village” and was totally shocked when he realised there is no backseat in our truck. So he stood on the side steps, hanging onto the solar panels and showed us the way to Chief Tembe of the Tembe Village’s house. There he spoke to the Chief’s wife who immediately brought out 3 chairs for us to sit. So we sat. The dusk was falling. The Chief was nowhere to be seen.  Antoni was enjoying himself. He told us “loooooooots of mosquitos! Lottts and lottttts of mosquitos. So I immediately excused myself and went to put on my jacket. Arno asked if (because it was by now becoming REALLY dark) we possibly could in the meantime pitch our tent. So with the permission of the Chief’s wife, we started getting our things out of the Hilux.   Suddenly we were already at the end of our trip…..in Egypt with the 11th plague on us. Mosquitos….LOOOOOOOTS of mosquitos. A smothering lot of mosquitos. I sprayed Arno liberally with Tabbard nearly smothering him and so we dived and ducked through this swarm of mosquitos trying to pitch our tent as quickly as possible. Meanwhile our audience outside the tent grew by the second with hilarious enjoyment with each next thing we do. When the tent went up they slapped each other and pointed …Casa, casaThinking smile

The next that made them all laught for about 10 minutes was our floor mat (which they thought was a mosquito net of some sorts) and our fold out bed was the best joke ever! They were like a wave….when you go in the tent the wave moves nearer and when you come ou,t the wave moves a bit further. While the brave man was busy securing everything and locking his beauty, I good wife thought about something to eat (we never ate the whole day because of busy adventuring through Africa) and quickly got out of the freezer whatever I could lay my hands on. I then sprayed our tent with Mortein Powergard. I stood in darkness inside the tent waiting for the plague to die and for my husband arriving with still some blood in his veins. When I finally put the light on I was astonished. Our duvet was totally covered with dead mosquitosSurprised smile . I had to do the whole bed again to get rid of all the corpses. Our dinner was eaten in the tent in total darkness with an audience of about 20 standing just outside the closed tent door. Our dinner consisted of leftover pawpaw, 2 apples and 2x 2M Mozambique beerParty smile while the audience mimicked outside “ goodnight” (We told them goodnight because we thought they will maybe get the idea of going home but it was such a nice new word they learned, they wanted to test it over and over!



Our friendly audience the morning after the night before.


The village water pump


Our Casa

Needless to say, this was up to now, the most exciting day of our trip!!!

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