A little paradise called Inhassoro

The Bazaruto Archipelago much of which is a national marine park is a diver’s paradise where you can still dive with the Doogong.  With its turquoise and jade waters, pristine coral reef and white sand dunes the description in Lonely Planet Africa really describes this area very well. Inhassoro is overlooking Paradise Island and is a small coastal village that is clean and welcoming and one feel really safe. The place to camp is Goody Villas. Beautiful with well kept lawns to pitch your tent, private modern and clean ablution facilities overlooking the said turquoise and jade waters. The sand though at this time of the year is covered with grass that the tide brings out from the grass beds where the Doogongs feed. One of the few areas where there are still feeding  grounds for them.

The inhabitants are super friendly, do not bother you or try to sell things but very helpful. At the Internet office the guy went to call his Egyptian mother to talk to us about Egypt and Sharm el Sheikh, where she worked before marrying a Mozambican. She wrote down her sister’s contact information for us to contact for whatever we want when we reach Cairo where she stays. When we said goodbye she insisted on giving her nephew’s contact information as wellSmile.


Sunrise from our tent






We had this Island with a palm tree again, all for ourselvesLaughing out loud



We walked for hours on the beach, eat funny colourfull crayfish with ugly spidery legs and a Parrot fish and collected more shells. We will most definitely come back again to Inhassoro.

The crayfish is saltier than their west coast familyIMG_6149



Parrot fish…..delicious

3 thoughts on “A little paradise called Inhassoro

  1. My son and I have never been referred to as gentlemen before, we are the two at Letaba. Glad to hear all is going well with you all and just love receiving your updates. My wife(Valerie) and I are down at Shelly Beach doing a bit of fishing. I am fishing Valerie is reading. we have enjoyed your comments on Mozambique and look forward to going there ourselves, hopefully this year. God Bless, Hope you haven’t run out of red wine yet!!!!

    Sent from my iPa

    • Hallo the 2 Davids,

      Soooo nice to hear from you. Sounds nice what you are doing as well. Happy you are enjoying the blog. Difficult sometimes to express myself in English but I am trying:-) Sadly the wine vat is empty now and 5l for R300 we rather stick to green tea:-( Arno is lucky because he drinks beer that is available everywhere and not expensive. R9.00 for M2 in Moz and R8.00 for Carlsberg in Malawi.

      Kind regards,
      Arno & Elize

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