A Hilux called “Mooi Ding”

Our Hilux’s registration number is BOS2 WP and means going to the country side, bushveld or offroad. Now it has also an unofficial nickname…..MOOI DING! This means pretty thing although it sounds better in Afrikaans. Wherever we camp men walks up to our campsite to look at the truck and talking about how good it still looks and frequently we heard them say “Sjoe man maar jy het ‘n mooi ding hier. (Hey man, this is really a beautifull kept truck). Arno is really keeping his hand on it and we are quite proud of our “Mooi Ding”. When we were still at Letaba in the Kruger, 2 men walked past and were talking about the truck. They said: Look at that pretty old thing and so well looked after. I was standing at the open front door combing my hair using the visor mirror as my dressing table mirror (as usual) and overheard them. I turned around and said…”thank you for the compliment kind sir”! We all had a good laugh. So, we have a bakkie called “Mooi Ding”:-)


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