Bilene & Xai-Xai

It took us 5 hours to drive the 196km to Bilene. Luckily we started early. T4A showed Palmeiras as a campsite and we decided to try it. On our way I found out that my Kindle can help tremendously with finding places to stay and general info by using Google. The Kindle has GPS reception where nothing else has. I Red heart my Kindle!!







Our huge campsite at the cost of R60 per person per night


This connection was the reason that we couldn’t touch the bakkie without being shocked! Every time we had to work in the fridge or open the canopy, we had to unplug the electricity Disappointed smile


Arno busy putting in the Mozambique Sim card that cost 100MC (R30) We walked through the local market to buy the Sim card and bought our first fresh Portuguese rolls (R2 each ) We paid for the same size (foot long) rolls R10 in Luanda!! We still have lots of fresh veggies but saw that everything is abundantly available at the markets


Busy with the budget and the blog while sharing our first (and maybe last) 2M beer at the high cost of 65MC (R21)

Crossing the Limpopo



It was a real adventure to get a campsite. It took us 5 hours to drive 200km doing camp crawling!! The campsite that T4A and the web AND Lonely Planet Africa navigated us to, were either a dump or closed.  To make a long story short, 6 Lodges/campsites later, we landed at Nhambuvale Lodge & Campsite that is situated about 40km past Xai-Xai and after visiting/exploring 6 Lodges/Campsites.  We had to put the Hilux in 4×4 to drive through deep sand to reach the campsite. The lesson we learned is that you cannot depend on any info you thought you had because campsites are closed, not existing any more or just to scary to stay at.Confused smile We had this fantasy about camping in Mozambique on white sand with  blue rollers running in just in front of our toes. No….in this area the lakes are like beads on a string. Beautiful, but you stay next to a lake with the sea hearing distance but out of view. Still, it is absolutely fantastic to be here!



Camping is not coming cheap…R90 per person per nightCrying face



Having funOpen-mouthed smile


Our first wash day

6 thoughts on “Bilene & Xai-Xai

  1. Hello, you are obviously enjoying your trip. Seems Moz is rather more expensive than expected. Waiting for more updates. Keep well. Big Luke

  2. Hey you two … smiles … so glad you having fun ..the letters were posted on Monday to the kids as promised ..we came home earlier. Hiten said hi too. Hugs and be safe.

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