Our week in Letaba

We arrived  late in Letaba on Friday because of the long delay at Skukuza workshop. Arno decided to drive the Hilux in 4×4 because the vibration that we heard at the front right wheel then stops. We were lucky to get the very last campsite against the fence. As normal, the hyenas came at dusk running up and down the fence.  Although there are signs that says that the hyenas must NOT be fed, unbelievably people still do feed them. Sad! We have one young hyena that keeps us company but not begging at all. Just looking at us like a cute puppy.




We went to Phalaborwa Tuesday very early to get our last provisions and to get someone to do an inspection on the Hilux. We were very lucky to find mechanics on call that really knows what they are doing. Everyone at the shop were very friendly and helpful especially when they heard about our adventure, making double sure that everything is fine with the Hilux. We now have a super de lux 1994 Toyota Hilux ready for the big adventure. 


On route to Phalaborwa we were so lucky to see a young male leopard. The leopard walked across the road right in front of us. We also saw lots of elephant and a breeding herd stopped the traffic going back to the camp and going out to the gate about 15km from Letaba. The elephants walked towards us on the road just coming on and on so we had to reverse all the time. After about 20 minutes of them playing with us, they divided into 2 groups each on the side of the road. Arno decided that it was time to try to get through and off we went between them as quick as possible. The one male was NOT impressed and trumpeted after us and swung onto the road but by that time we were past the whole herd with our bodies full of adrenalin!! We made it to the camp with 10 minutes to spare. If you are late, you get a fine of a  R1000 with no excuses about elephants blocking the road.



A huge bull elephant like this walked past the fence one evening  within a meter of where we were sitting in our chairs


The lazy lions


We had a full day of getting provisions, last medicine, gas, biltong (not enough methinks) and odds and ends.  Arno also filled our water tank with drink water by syphoning the water (and drinking a lot of water in the processSmile ) The day were long and busy and we were happy to be back in the Park.



My personal arsenal of making war on mosquitos except for the HOT PINK PEPPER SPRAY which I intend to use on inquisitive lions.


Namibia playing rugby against France in Letaba campsite


The travellers in Letaba




The camera stand (because the real one was at the campsite) to take the above photoWinking smile

2 thoughts on “Our week in Letaba

  1. hallo ma! jammer ek ‘reply’ so min, maar ek lees darem! 🙂 baie cool post hierdie een van letaba! MAL oor die troetel hyena! hy’s stunning! mooi ry verder! versigtig wees! xxx

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