Putting everything together

We collected Visas, Carnet de Passage, International Drivers Licenses, Renewal of RSA Driving Licenses that we were waiting for, making 10 fold of photocopies of EVERYTHING, etc.etc. Then we had to pay final Telkom Bills, Municipal bills, cancel ADT, pack the last things and say goodbye to the children and eventually, off we went!





Even Bella were saying goodbyeWinking smile


And we got a speech from the lady on the right……to do what we must do, enjoy, take the time and just get BACK!!!


So, just to make sure what she meant, she gave me this earrings to take TIME to enjoy the trip,  keep safe all the TIME and come back in TIME……..not too sure of what she meant by the lastWinking smile

Thank you family, children and friends! Your support make this adventure of ours so much more special. Love you all!! Thank you Pieter for working behind the scenes until we’re back, Lucas and Petro edging us on ”just go do it”!!, Andre & JM always excited and supportive, Carel & Daphne supportive but sure their parents are a bit crazy, Hanli & Leon asking if we are sure we want to do this, Eretha and Vin working themselves to death but are proudly telling all their friends about our trip and finally Naas and Heleen….who gave us there blessing! Willie & Annette, Cora, Lucas, Renier, Cecile, Willie, Antoinette, Chris & Hilda, Gerard & Heleen, Frans and family in America and all our friends….we take you with us in our hearts!

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