Finally the Visas!!!

The Ethiopian Embassy gave us a card with the date when to collect our Visas. The date was Friday 26 April 2013. The Sudanese Embassy said “any day after Thursday”. So we in our wisdom decided that MONDAY 29 April 2013 will SURELY be the date to pick up the Visas.  But no…..Sure the Ethiopian Visas were ready after SIX visits to the Embassy but at the Sudanese Embassy the Consul were drinking coffee with the friendly guy in the front office and (very friendly) told us that we must come back on Tuesday after 14:00. So, just after 14:00, we arrived at the Embassy and were met with a welcoming committee with our Visas in hand telling us to enjoy there country and remember our Yellow fever injection card!  Historic moment!! Finally all our visas in hand:-)

Sudan Ambasade


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