The tranquility of the Bushveld

We were supposed to go camping with the children the previous weekend.  The weather changed dramatically and we all decided that it will be better to stay at home.  The nice thing about that was that we had very good family time with Eretha and Vin while it was pouring outside nonstop for 24 hours. So this Friday we, Naas & Heleen, went camping near Naboomspruit (or Mookgopong) at Constantia Holiday Resort. The weather was superb! When the children arrived, the tents were pitched, the fire burning and the elders VERY relaxed. We had such a good time.  Saterday Naas studied for an exam that he is writing next week, Arno kept himself busy at the camp,  while the girls went to to visit family that stays on a farm just outside Pietersburg (or Polokwane). It was very nice to get up to date with the family and especially nice for Heleen and her nephews Theuns and Maarten to meet again. Sunday we had lots of fun feeding the birds. Arno always brings crumbs and seeds with when we are camping so we spoiled the Bush Loeries, Neushorings and even a huge Bloukop Koggelmander. All in all a very special weekend!







Sias, Alida, Heleen, Maarten and Theuns

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