From the moment of waking up Friday morning, we helped Heleen with the finishing touches for her launch of her business “Little Honeypot” that would take place Saturday evening. We were busy, busy……very busy.  Saturday evening was a beautiful evening.  Not too cold. The event was held at Naas & Heleen’s house in Parkview. It was a house gig with the group called Kaleidoskoop as artists, who sang like angels.  The cheese and wine were superb and the event was a huge success.  Afterwards we had a huge cleanup operation and furniture moving back to normal place workout until 12:00.

Sunday morning we were all exhausted. Saturday afternoon Eretha, our other daughter (yes finally you can count the children…..we have 7 children, 6 in laws, 1 boyfriend and 8 grandchildren!) treated us to the final cricket match between the Lions and the Titons at Wanderers. The Lions had a very good game and won. By 20:00 we were all in bed for the first REALLY good nights sleep in over a week! Today we had a lazy relaxed day at home, having a stroll around  Zoo Lake, eating frozen yogurt  at Wakaberry, chatting, laughing, giving Bella a bath and having in general good family time. We will do the Embassy round to do the visa applications later.  For now we are just coming up for breath and enjoy Johburg!!


Little Honeypot Exhibition


The beer drinker at Wanderers


Naughty frozen yogurt at Wakaberry


Bella NOT want to bath!


Dad, Heleen and Bella chatting (and a bathing)

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