Our Adventure starts!!

We woke at 3:00 Thursday morning.   The day we dreamed about, talked about, planned for about 10 years and finally equipped ourselves for the last 2 years has finally arrived!! We had a quick cup of coffee, packed the last personal items into the Hilux, closed the security gate, threw the front door keys through the security gate and closed our apartments door with a soft final click. This is final…. what’s been left behind, not thought about cannot be changed now. We are committed.  Ready or not,  Africa here we come!!! We had a long drive in front of us because we were driving to Johannesburg without sleeping somewhere on route. Heleen, our youngest daughter needed our assistance in Johannesburg for the launch of her new business The Little Honeypot.  She also needed the last quilt that I made for her shop.  We had a fantastic drive through South Africa enjoying the beautiful Karoo landscape, arriving at 20:00 at Naas and Heleen’s beautiful house in Parkview, Johannesburg.  Naas made us. a nice chicken salad and after having that and a glass of red wine to unwind, we went to bed for a full nights sleep the first time in a week, happy and grateful for being alive and enjoying so much of what life has to offer.  We really are blessed!


6 thoughts on “Our Adventure starts!!

  1. Hallo Julle

    Voorspoed met julle GROOT avontuur ons hou julle vordering met jaloesie dop. Mag julle reis en wedervaringe alle julle verwagtinge oortref.

    Ons bid dat die reis voorspoedig sal afloop en dat julle net mooi herinneringe sal terugbring.

    Nou het ons MBaai vir onsself 🙂

    Groetnis van ons

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