The end of one dream……is the beginning of the next

We started moving the office furniture Saturday morning at 6.00 in pouring rain!  What must be done must be done:-! It took us 3 hours of becoming wetter and wetter but then everything was where we are going to store it.  We also took specific office equipment home and just ditched it in the one bedroom that is already looking as if something exploded there! Our bags are already ready to be packed, my machines are not yet packed away, office files are stacked on the floor and it is general total chaos.    Some other stuff were offloaded in the garage between the Benz and the Hilux for later sorting out and to be moved to the storeroom adjacent to the garage. (All this must be done from Monday to Wednesday!)    We quickly vacuumed the house that was still full of threads because of my quilt making and were just finished when our housesitting friends Hennie and Juanita arrived.  We had a quick exchange of ideas and then we were off to our children in Witsand.




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