Working against time!

We started the week with a big bang running around in circles achieving not so much as what we hoped we will.  I still had to finish off the last Quilt I was busy making for Heleen’s (our youngest daughter) Internet Shop, Little Honeypot’s launch on the 6th.  I thinks this is a first for any Africa Overlander to start their trip with a double bed quilt on top of the Freezer:-) We actually got a bit frantic yesterday… felt that we are running against time.  So we sat down, talked about what we must still do and then decided to change direction a little bit. We had to go to George to pick up our second passports.  We still have to show a property that we have a sole mandate on until after the school holidays, so we had to put the show boards up, advertise and take clients out to show the house, check on another property that we sold, move out of the office, move out of cupboards in the apartment for our friends who are coming to house sit etc, etc! The car must be washed, the Hilux must be washed and then finally packed and lastly, we must still drive to Witsand to say our farewells to Hanli, our eldeste daughter, her husband and our grandson Troi.  So after a huge discussion we decided to drive to Witsand on Saterday and come back on Monday. Our final day of starting our trip will now be Thursday the 4th of April 2013!!


I am officially finished with this companion changing it formally to these below……


1 thought on “Working against time!

  1. Great site!

    It would be great to feature your trip to OverlandSphere, if you have not been to Overland Sphere please check it out out we have over 90 overlanders contributing to the site!

    Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

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