After saying our farewells to the West Coast children on Thursday, we had a hectic business afternoon in Cape Town and a late run to Vloedbos Holiday Resort near Caledon to meet up with Lucas, Petro and Little Luke who already set up camp.   We had a lazy and relaxed evening (without wind) around the campfire.  The children treated us with a braai while we could enjoy the pleasure of being with them and play with Luke. We had such a nice time there until the WIND started blowing and raindrops falling during the second night!! After discussing the situation we decided to move on to the children’ s smallholding that is quite nearby, to stay there until Sunday.  It was such a precious time for all of us. We decided, because of the long weekend and the traffic, to rather drive home very early Monday morning than Sunday afternoon, to start our last very hectic week in Mossel Bay!!






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