Working on the Ticklist

Today we went to George to apply for our second Passports. Another great thing busy to fall in place is that our house-sitter friends are still eager to come and stay in our apartment in Mossel Bay while we are exploring Africa. Arno also serviced the Hilux and put the Mozambique sticker on the bumper.  The bakkie is starting to look quite “overlandish:-) The list of “what to do’s” are supposed to become shorter but every time something new pops up! The tick list seems to grow and not to shorten!!  Time is going by so rapidly that it is scary.  This coming Friday (8 March) we start the first part of our journey.  We are doing a real bush camp to test our equipment while attending Arno’s nephews wedding near Ashton staying on a guest farm without any electricity etc. From Sunday onwards we are staying between Cape town, Veldrif, Saldanha,  Caledon and Witsand with our children and grandchildren to say goodbye to them. When we return to Mossel Bay, it will be only for a week before our journey starts for real heading north!!

George-20130306-00516 Mosambiek plakker

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